Downtown Champion Challenge


Your Support is Needed

Be a Downtown Champion!
Strong downtowns mean strong communities.

Michigan's downtowns need your financial support now to remain strong and to continue creating the amazing places you call home!

It is vital to protect the resources available for downtown economic development, connect downtowns to these resources, and increase public understanding of the value of these resources for the daily operations and future business growth in our downtowns.

Your donation to the MDA's Legislative and Advocacy Fund will help the MDA be your downtown's voice in Lansing and around the State.

The MDA Board of Directors recently issued a Downtown Champion Challenge to all members to raise a minimum donation of $250 (in addition to your annual membership dues). Local businesses, residents, visitors, and organizations are also invited to help your downtown be a Champion!

Our goal is to raise $25,000.

While MDA members' annual dues keep our great workshops and annual meeting coming every year, more is needed if we want to continue our active voice in Lansing.

Here's What you Can Do:

  • Send an additional sum of $250 of more behalf of your organization, specifically for the Legislative Advocacy fund;
  • Businesses, residents, property owners, and shoppers can support their downtowns by donating $25, $50, $100, $250 or more! Every donation makes a champion, and the winner will be DOWNTOWNS across Michigan;
  • Inform your Board, friends, volunteers, and State and local elected officials about efforts in Lansing to defund our downtowns. We not only need monetary support, but we need advocates to  call their State Representatives, Senators, and the Governor of Michigan to make our voices heard.
Now is the time! We need your donations!

Here's What Else We Are Doing To Make Sure Our Voices Are Heard:

  • MDA has retained a firm to monitor legislative action in Lansing, and to help us craft and deliver a message in response to any proposed action that may damage downtowns' abilities to perform their mission;
  • MDA is educating members at workshops and conferences, and through email notifications with regular Legislative Updates;
  • We are reaching out to our sponsors and friends to inform them and for advocacy contributions.

Together we can stand strong and preserve the resources that help our downtowns create thriving communities.
Thank you for your support & for being a Downtown Champion!
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Thank you to our donors!
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