Board of Directors

Becky Goodman, Board Chair
Downtown Petoskey DDA

Cristina Sheppard-Decius, Vice Chair
POW Strategies, Inc.

Mindy Biladeau, Secretary 
Downtown Lansing, Inc

Susan Ireland, Treasurer 
Van Buren Township DDA

Steve Deisler
Texas Township DDA

Robert Donohue
South Lyon Economic Development & DDA Director

Jonathan Greene
City of Jackson

Annette Knowles
City of Monroe

Patricia Rayls
Blackman Charter Township

Dana Walker
Inlay City DDA

Jerry Dettloff
Downtown Management Strategies

Interested in being a member of the MDA Board of Directors? Applicants must be a MDA member in good standing and there must be an opening on the board. To inquire, please contact us and download the application form.

MDA Committees

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact us.

Executive Committee

Membership/Finance Committee

Legislative Committee

Conference Committee

Marketing Committee

Ad Hoc Committees:

Nominating committee

Certificate Committee