Co-Op Advertising Opportunities

Announcing a Co-Op Advertising Partnership with Cavalier Pictures, Inc.

The Michigan Downtown Association and Cavalier Pictures are pleased to announce their Co-Op Advertising Opportunity to MDA members.

MDA and Cavalier Pictures offers the newest and most amazing new interactive video technology;

360' HD Surround Video

We are pleased to offer to MDA members the opportunity to feature their destination, main street, retail, events and real estate to tourists, clients and perspective retail tenants through our immersive technology at 20% - 50% discount rate.

360' HD Video Tours

What is a 360' HD video tour? Let's start with what it's not. It's not Google Street View and it's not a 360' still image.

So, then what is it?

Unlike Google Street View or 360' still images, this new high end HD video technology allows for an incredible immersive experience for the end user. Destinations, real estate, entertainment, events and other locations can now be seen in high quality full 360' HD live action video, offering the ability to engage the end user in a destination as never before complete with on-camera host, (if desired), voice-over and music bed.

The end user has the ability to control the video and scroll up, down and all around the live action images to explore the destination as never before. The ability to pause and zoom in on a particular portion of the video is also available.

This new way of offering the ability to visit a destination is an innovative strategic approach to highlight a destination or business in an unprecedented and effective manner. The 360' videos can be embedded on a web site, have the ability to be loaded onto the lap top computers of sales associates, can be seen via the web, and can be sent to tablets and iphones. There are ample marketing outlets in which the 360' interactive video can be displayed.

Discount rates available only through the MDA and Cavalier Pictures

Co-Op Advertising Opportunity: Package options available for every budget from $5,000.00 - $10,000.00

Main Street Specialty Video Tours

A high impact, entertaining video tour of downtown attractions, restaurants, retail and real estate. Discounted Co-Op Main Street Video Tours available starting from $3,000.00. Discount Co-Op Package options available combining 360' Video Tour and Main Street Video Tour

For More Information please contact:

Peter Watt
Sales Associate 
Cavalier Pictures, Inc.
Rochester Big, Bright Light Show's 360 video: