Advocacy Updates & Alerts

2018 PA 57 took effect on January 1, 2019.  The following acts are repealed: 1867 PA 35; 1975 PA 197; 1980 PA 450; 1986 PA 281; 2004 PA 530; 2005 PA 280; 2007 PA 61; 2008 PA 94; 2010 PA 250. (Enacting Sections 1 and 2) Sections cited herein are from PA 57 unless otherwise noted.
TIF Reporting Timeline           
For a comprehensive look at Pa 57 and the new reporting requirements, please click here.    
March 1, 2019 (Sec. 911 (5))    
Department of Treasury must publish form to be used for reporting by authorities.
April 1, 2019                             
Deadline for authorities to provide a copy, or a hyperlink to a copy, of the currently adopted TIF plan (or development plan/TIF plan, if a combined single document) to the Department of Treasury (Section 912).
180 days after authority FY19 ends
Post on a municipal or authority website, (or if not on a website, maintained in a physical location within the municipality that is open to the public—Sec. 910 (5)) all items listed in Sec. 910 (1). Starting with FY19, each year’s data will be added through FY23 and beyond until the most recent five years’ data is available to view.
180 days after authority FY19 ends         
Submit to the Department of Treasury, the governing body of the municipality, and the governing body of a taxing unit whose taxes are captured by the authority a report including all items listed in Sec. 911 (1).
Semi-annually beginning January 1, 2019        
Authorities must hold two “informational meetings.” Informational meetings are meetings for the purpose of informing the public of the goals and direction of the authority, including projects to be undertaken in the coming year. They are not for the purpose of voting on policy, budgets or other operational matters.

The MDA continues to encourage all DDA directors to be reaching out to their local representatives and senators and continue to build relationships.  For more information regarding the Legislative and Advocacy Committee, please contact the MDA at 248-838-9711.