Advocacy Updates & Alerts

The MDA has been following important legislation in Congress regarding relief for small businesses.  Congressman Kildee, Michigan's 5th District, has introduced a bill in the House, The Relief for Main Street Act, that would provide assistance to small businesses located within downtowns (not just Main Street Communities) across the United States.  A similar act has been introduced in the Senate by Cory Booker of New Jersey.

Click here for a summary of the Act provided by Mr. Kildee's office. 
Click here for a short webinar, hosted by the MML, where Congressmen Kildee and Upton (co-sponsor) discuss in detail the proposed legislation.

The Act
1. $50.5 billion proposal to provide greater relief to small businesses left out of the Paycheck Protection Program
2. Bipartisan support
3. “Small Business Local Relief Fund” to provide direct assistance to cities, counties, and states to seed and scale local relief funds targeting businesses with 20 employees or less, or businesses with 50 employees or less located in low-income neighborhoods, 
4.  Grants to small businesses through the program would be given directly to communities and not have to go through financial institutions and would not have to be paid back
5. The 50.5 billion would be broken down as follows: (1) $35 billion shall be distributed based on the Community Development Block Grant formula (70% allocated to larger cities and counties and 30% to rural communities), (2) $15 billion shall be allocated to provide financing exclusively to businesses in rural areas, and (3) $500 million shall be for Native American Tribes
6.  Non-entitled communities WOULD be eligible
7.  Expected to be attached to the next COVID-19 Relief Act

What We Are Asking You To Do
The MDA fully supports the act (click here for MDA Resolution) and has been in contact with Congressman Kildee's office.  The MDA encourages community leaders to call their representatives in Congress on Tuesday, July 14, at their district office and urge his/her support of this bipartisan bill.  We believe a call-in day will be impactful and have been told by Mr. Kildee's office that calling the local Michigan District office will be the most effective way of reaching staff.  We also encourage you to email your Congressperson.  

You can find your House Representative by clicking here.
MI Senator Stabenow can be contacted here.
MI Senator Peters can be contacted here.

Key talking points (phone and email)
1. State your name, position and community represented
2. Ask the Congressperson to please support the bipartisan Relief for Main Street Act
3. Why small businesses in your town/city need assistance
4. Why small businesses are so important to your downtown
5. Small businesses and downtowns are key to Michigan's recovery 
6. Leave your phone number and encourage him/her to call you if he/she has any questions regarding this or other policy impacting downtowns
7. Thank him/her for the time
8. Feel free to reference the MDA Resolution and attach it to your email

Please contact the MDA if you have any questions.